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Re: Members Bios - please contribute yours

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I remember my first encounter with the Buddha's teachings so vividly. It was the Fire Sermon, which I found within a larger compilation of wisdom teachings from across many traditions. It was a short quote but it grabbed me so strongly. After I had read this huge tome of wisdom quotations I realized that only the quotations from the Buddha were really meaningful to me. I went online to look for more from the Buddha, this was in 2004 at the net's infancy, but I found the accesstoinsight website and started printing out sutras. I still have those original 10+ sutras that I printed then and carried around with me for a while.

Since then I have undertaken spiritual practice across a wide range of wisdom traditions but have always come back to the Pali Canon to gauge my progress. So many times I have felt so good about my spiritual progress using other tradition methods only to go back to the Pali Canon to realize, once again, that I know nothing and am nobody! Lol. What a relief!

My love for the Buddha's original teachings has only grown through all my study and practice in other traditions and I found this forum as some way to celebrate those teachings with others who feel the same. It's not the same as living with such people but I'm grateful for the possibility of sangha-connections anyway I can get them.

I am an author who writes about spiritual texts and ideas. I am currently working on book that compares the teachings of Socrates (as depicted by Plato) with philosophical teachings from India (including a chapter comparing his philosophy with the Buddha's). The similarities are really shocking to see for a spiritual seeker like myself, educated in the US and taught Plato at a young age in a way that completely ignored the profound spiritual principles found there.

May all beings be released from ignorance and suffering!
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Re: Members Bios - please contribute yours

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Welcome to DW!

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Re: Members Bios - please contribute yours

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Welcome to Dhamma Wheel. :anjali:
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