Beginner Course in Theravāda Abhidhamma | Rev. U. Siddhattha

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Beginner Course in Theravāda Abhidhamma | Rev. U. Siddhattha

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Give it a try. You'll see the beauty.

There are 3 Oceans mentioned in the Atthakata, namely, Ocean of water, Ocean of Wisdom and Ocean of Methods. Ocean of water is obvious. Ocean of wisdom is the Omniscience of the Supreme One. Ocean of methods is the Abhidhamma.

Use the "Abhidhammatthasangaha" boat to travel in the Abhidhamma Ocean.

Venerable Udadigana Siddhattalankara is a scholar monk from Sri Lankan Yogasrama/Galduva forest tradition and studied in Diddeniya Vinaya Monastery in Sri Lanka and Mahavihara monk training center in Burma. He has also stayed in Na uyana and is a lecturer at International Institute of Theravada as well. He is a master in Suttas, Abhidhamma and Vinaya. Generally he teaches Anguttara Nikaya, Alankara ( where all the realities of a given Sutta is interpreted) and Vinaya.
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