"A start to a path of purification in Buddhism"

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"A start to a path of purification in Buddhism"

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A new online course:
In the coming weeks, Cambridge University Buddhist Society will be organising a new online course on the necessary practices and knowledge towards a path of purification. It involves developing the mind through meditation and straightening our views through learning the forest dhamma.

(The teacher) Ven. Kovido Bhikkhu is a very experienced meditator in the Thai Forest Tradition and an excellent teacher. He was born in Malaysia and lived in the UK before ordaining as a Theravada Buddhist monk. He lived in Thailand for several years learning Thai forest traditions from different masters, is setting up a monastery in Malaysia, and will soon be returning to Forest of Dean branch of Oxford Buddha Vihara UK.

There is no charge and all are welcome!
It looks as if the possible times are hour-long slots between 1pm and 10 pm UK time, Mondays and Tuesdays. They will decide according to the best times for those expressing an interest.

Sign up at:


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