Is Lay Life not Safe?

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Re: Is Lay Life not Safe?

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SarathW wrote: Sat Apr 15, 2023 11:35 am Devadattha tried to kill Buddha.
So both lay life and monk life is not safe always.
Hell is full of bikkhus... just ask ajahn Mun...or was it ajahn maha bowa... who visited hell and reported this.

As for supporting nuclear arms warfare... yes we live in a dangerous world... yes countries "need" them... but leave any supporting or cultivating of it to others... who cares if britain is potentially needing nuclear arms for russia? I personally dont like my countries politics but what i do is just leave the fools to argue fools points... leave the fools to make fools decisions... leave the fools to go to hell, which they will of thats where they dedicate their mind
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