Finding the path towards exploring the Atma

General discussion of issues related to Theravada Meditation, e.g. meditation postures, developing a regular sitting practice, skillfully relating to difficulties and hindrances, etc.
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Re: Finding the path towards exploring the Atma

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An interesting demonstration of teaching on Atma.

Upanishad story of a boy named Nachiketa and Yama Raja:

But this teaching is dismissed by Lord Buddha as wrong view.
Natthi me saraṇaṃ aññaṃ
Buddho me saraṇaṃ varaṃ
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Re: Finding the path towards exploring the Atma

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It sounds like your mind is going 100 miles an hour.

If Shiva demonstrated 112 ways to meditate, what does that mean? That you should try all of them!

Sad guru also said that there are countless positions in Yoga. But a true yogi picks only one and sticks with it.

Buddha was from warrior caste. He said that birth does not a Brahman make. That “integrity” is what makes a Brahman.

The Buddha chose Pali because he wanted his teachings to be accessible to the many. And he did not consider himself elite.

Although he came from Royal lineage and was a prince and was raised among opulence, he gave it all up.

If you want to stop thinking so much, Buddhism has an answer for you. It is the second “jhana” - bliss and rapture born of composure, without applied and directed thinking.

I don’t know why you want atman. Do you really think that beneath this skin bag of bones and meat there is a “true self”?

If you can experience bliss and rapture, other than atman, then why not?

The Buddha did not explain everything in detail. He was the kind of good teacher who taught just enough to put his disciples on the right track. So that they could fill in the blanks themselves.

Anyone can sit you in the passenger seat and drive around telling you exactly how to do each and every little thing. The Buddha says, “this is the steering wheel. This is the gas pedal. This is the brake. And here is the gear shifter. Don’t worry about the radio. Don’t worry about the heating system. We’ll get to that later!!! 😀

“Now get in the drivers seat and DRIVE!!!”

That is how he teaches. The Brahmans teach: “this is the transmission fluid, this is the brake fluid, these are the hazard lights, this is the horn. Remember the horn. Because you will ultimately always need the horn. Press this and hold that. Then release this and cancel that. Than this … then that …”

You may only have one life. Don’t let anyone else explain to you how to live it. Your challenges are yours alone and only you can learn how to live with them and conquer them. The Buddha only shows the way. You have to walk the path if you have faith. Other teachers think they can explain the “formula” of existence. Nobody has a universal answer to satisfy the diversity of life in the world.

Take what you can and apply it to your self. That is MY advice.
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