Risks of not taking the covid vaccines.

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Nicholas Weeks
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Re: Risks of taking the covid vaccines.

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The more significant problem is trusting a corrupted public health system around this planet:

https://brownstone.org/articles/one-hea ... nd-ruined/
The idea of a holistic concept of health – that our environment (or ‘biosphere’) influences our well-being, is far older than written history. So is greed, abuse, lust for power, and a desire to own and enslave others. There is, regarding what really matters, nothing new under the sun.

‘One Health,’ a modern term for this holistic approach to health, is therefore old news, as is a willingness to corrupt and manipulate such a concept for personal gain. Ill health is a lever for fear, and death even more so, especially to those who believe that we are simply organic constructs that end in dust and decay.
A true mind and true intent bring truth within truth. True practice and true cultivation take the truth beyond truth. True behavior and true conduct add truth to truth. In everything and every way, be true, true, true. Master Hua
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Re: Risks of not taking the covid vaccines.

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