Teachings of Hsuan Hua

Exploring Theravāda's connections to other paths - what can we learn from other traditions, religions and philosophies?
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Re: Teachings of Hsuan Hua

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bodom wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:43 am Is there some teaching by the venerable that clearly shows a connection to the Theravadan tradition that you would like to discuss?

I don't know if he ever taught anything that connect to Theravada tradition, but he had invited Ajahn Sumedho to The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Also, his master, Hsu Yun had a pilgrimage to Burma, Sri lanka and other Theravada Buddhist countries.

http://www.drbachinese.org/online_readi ... page87.htm
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Re: Teachings of Hsuan Hua

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If your faith is solid and your conduct is pure, then from the time you formally take refuge until you become a Buddha, you will not run into any great difficulties. If your faith is weak and your conduct is impure, then you can forget about becoming a Buddha. You will have a hard time just being a person. Not only laypeople, but even left-home people will fall into the hells if they do not cultivate.

Therefore, all you laypeople should do your best and work hard. Do not be absent-minded and disrespectful toward Buddhism. You should revere the Triple Jewel, make offerings to the Triple Jewel, believe in the Triple Jewel, and serve the Triple Jewel all your life. Then you will have a response in the Way. If you cannot do this after you take refuge, and you still act as if you had not taken refuge at all, then you will not have any responses.
A true mind and true intent bring truth within truth. True practice and true cultivation take the truth beyond truth. True behavior and true conduct add truth to truth. In everything and every way, be true, true, true. Master Hua
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Re: Teachings of Hsuan Hua

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Nicholas Weeks wrote: Sat Jun 03, 2023 10:30 pm
"Don’t get scared when you hear me call television, radios, and computers “man-eating goblins".

No need to be afraid. My hope is that you will clearly recognize these things for what they are. Once you recognize them, those electric gadgets lose their power to confuse you. But if you’re confused by them, then they can gobble you down."

Spring Sun, Lotus Flower
The above quote is I think much needed and pertinent to the age we are in.
"Therein monks, that Dimension should be known wherein the eye ceases and the perception of forms fades away...the ear... the nose...the tongue... the body ceases and the perception of touch fades away...

That Dimension should be known wherein mentality ceases and the perception of mind-objects fades away.
That Dimension should be known; that Dimension should be known."

(S. IV. 98) - The Dimension beyond the All
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