Visiting Chiang Mai / Wat Doi Suthep

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Visiting Chiang Mai / Wat Doi Suthep

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Hi there, I will be in Chiang Mai for three days. I plan to see Wat Doi Suthep. I am usually more Mahayana and I have never visited a Thai temple. I would like to ask if there is anything that wouldnt be obious to me that I would want to follow to be respectful.. Is it ok to wear shorts? When do I remove my shoes?

Are there any other holy sites that any of you can recommend that I may not be thinking of? I dont want to miss a punya spot :-D
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Re: Visiting Chiang Mai / Wat Doi Suthep

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Doi Suthep is a tourist site, so it doesn't really matter if you wear shorts and you remove your shoes when you come to a doorway where there is a large number of shoes.

There is a meditation centre attached but unfortunately 3 days wouldn't be enough for that.
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