Missions of King Ashoka in Greece

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Re: Missions of King Ashoka in Greece

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SecretSage wrote: Thu May 23, 2024 2:42 pm
mario92 wrote: Tue May 07, 2024 2:38 am Hello i read that King ashoka sent missions to greece, why was it not successful? It would have been great to spread buddhism in the west early. :anjali:
Based on the historical evidence it was initially successful, as the earliest Buddhist statues are made in an obvious Hellenistic Greek style. The Dharmaguptakas school of Buddhism was responsible for spreading Buddhism into East Asia and Central Asia.

Looks like in ancient India they didn't have any statues or it wasn't popular but statues were very popular among the ancient Greeks.

Also looks like Buddhism influenced Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and basically every religion in that region as many things Jesus says seems to be copied from early Buddhist scriptures,
Is there evidence for Buddhism influencing Christianity and Islam, beyond those similarities? Similarities would not in themselves seem to prove a direct influence.
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Re: Missions of King Ashoka in Greece

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I think it does, For example in Américan continent where it wasnt influence the aztecs were very bloody they Made human sacrificices.
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