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puñña papa

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What is puñña ,papa,kusala and akusala? What is the differences?
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Re: puñña papa

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Mujo1127 wrote: Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:34 am What is puñña ,papa,kusala and akusala? What is the differences?
When the words are used as terms for judging the moral character of kammas, the difference is only in the phrasing. Whatever is puñña is kusala, and vice versa. Whatever is pāpa is akusala, and vice versa.

It's only in other contexts, outside of good and bad thoughts, words and deeds, that the words take on distinctive meanings. For example, one could use kusala to describe "a skilful acrobat", but not puñña. Or one could describe a snake's bite as pāpa, but not as akusala.
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(Santatarasutta, Iti 73)
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Re: puñña papa

Post by SarathW »

Papa, Punna, Kusal and Akusal are very common usage in Sri Lanka.
But still, I do not know the difference.

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