Pali Term: Panta

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Pali Term: Panta

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Hello Pali friends,

Ole Holten Pind wrote:
a word that is constantly mistranslated viz. panta from Sanskrit praanta. panta is not an adjective, it is a noun. However, the commentators constantly gloss it as equivalent to duura "remote." This is incorrect. The correct definition of the term is given in Mahaaniddesa as mariyaadaa, boundary or the like. The expression senaasanaani is apposition to vanapatthaani (Sanskrit vanaprastha) pantaani, i.e. the monk goes out searching for mountain forests and boundaries as lodgings. This phrase is constantly mistranslated." onclick=";return false;

I wasn't able to find this gloss in the Mahāniddesa, but here are two others:

Pantamhi sayanāsaneti. Ante pante pariyante selante vā vanante vā nadante vā udakante vā yattha na kasīyati na vapīyati, janantaṃ atikkamitvā manussānaṃ anupacāre senāsaneti – pantamhi sayanāsane.

Mahāniddesa 2.471

Sayanamhi panteti pantesu vā senāsanesu aññataraññataresu vā adhikusalesu dhammesu aratiṃ saheyya abhibhaveyya ajjhotthareyya pariyādiyeyya maddeyyāti – aratiṃ sahetha sayanamhi pante.

Mahaniddesa 2.492

Metta, Dmytro
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